Legacy and Collaboration

Recently Hasbro ran a contest where four authors from the G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds were in competition with each other to get one of their creations made into an upcoming action figure.  I was honored to be one of the four authors chosen and submitted Blackjack (I wish I had gotten Pipeline Panic out in time, because would have submitted Icicle instead but…).  All four of us authors were supportive of each other.  We each wanted to win, of course, but we worked together to promote the contest and each other’s characters.

Out of that was born, at the suggestion of Jim Beard, a project that all four of us would work on.  That was how G.I. Joe – Legacy was born.  Legacy is a story told in four parts, each part written by one of the authors and using the character from the contest.  It spans decades.  It will be told over four months, each month bringing a new part.

The first part G.I. Joe: Legacy: Adventure Team Marcus by Jim Beard has been out since the beginning of January.

Bill Nedrow just released part two, G.I. Joe: Legacy: Stiletto.

And Justin Bell is hard at work on part three.

That leaves me with part four, bringing it altogether.  It’s an interesting challenge and one I hope I’m up for.  I do know that it’ll be hard to live up to what these three fine authors have laid out. I hope when it’s my turn that I do them justice.


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