G.I. Joe: Legacy Part 4 – Blackjack

G.I. Joe: Legacy, the tale of 4 people scattered over 4 times by 4 authors. You’ve read parts 1, 2 and 3 (and if you haven’t, go and do so, it’s worth it) and soon part 4 will arrive.

Blackjack just spent ten years in a Russian Prison deep in Siberia. The world and the person he was sworn to protect have changed in that time and now the mercenary has to find out how he fits in this strange new world.

If he even still can. Age catches up with all of us and it’s running alongside Blackjack. An assignment to a small island in Indonesia might be just what he needs. But others have been there before and the mystery of the island just might prove to be too much.

Look for G.I. Joe: Legacy – Blackjack on April 1st



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