G.I. Joe Legacy: Blackjack is now live!

The 4th and final chapter in the Legacy saga is now published and up for purchase from Amazon.legacyThis was a fun project.  Jim, Bill and Justin left laid some good foundations for me to build upon and I hope I did their stories justice.  I tried to tie in elements from all the previous chapters as well as my own story and setting up some future stories.

It was tough to do in less than 10,000 words and I hope I succeeded.

I had no idea where the other three were taking the story but where they took and what they gave me to work with fit in perfectly with what I wanted to do with Blackjack.

Well this doesn’t tie into the March of Cobra, it will springboard some other projects and I’m already laying out the groundwork for Blackjack’s return in the Blackjack trilogy.

You can find G.I. Joe Legacy – Blackjack on Amazon for $1.99 (I need to figure out where Amazon/Kindleworld’s sets the price point as we wanted to get all the chapters in at 99 cents and I came in at 9,936 words).  Please post a review if you read it and check out the rest of my work as well as that of my three fellow authors.


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