The Week In Writing – 04/08/16

It’s been a bit since did one of these, but time for a quick update.It’s almost mid-april and I was supposed to have the Skeleton Stone out by the end of March.  There’s been a delay.

image1Originally I was going to go ahead with no official logo for The Taleweaver’s Song, the “family” name for the series of books that the Skeleton Stone starts off.  But a friend convinced me that it would be worth it, and better, to do the logo.  So that is what the delay is for, the design of the official Taleweaver’s Song logo.

I received the rough draft of the logo tonight.  It’s by Shauna Mobley, who has done the excellent cover art for The Skeleton Stone.

To say I’m excited for it is an understatement.  I love it and can’t wait to see the finished version.

On the G.I. Joe front, my part of the Legacy series has been published.   Legacy – Blackjack wraps up the series in a good way, I hope.  I’m proud of it.  Equally proud of the colloboration with the other three Legacy writers; Jim Beard, Bill Nedrow and Justin Bell; and how the whole thing came together.  Can’t wait for more work from them and with them.

I got two pieces up on The Geeksverse the last couple weeks.  These cover my thoughts on the new Hasbro shared universe that has been rumored (and only one image shown) as well as some initial thoughts on the latest new line-wide relaunch for DC, Rebirth, and why starting with everything might be doing more harm than good.

I’ve made good progress on the two current G.I. Joe projects.  I’ll be getting back to the March of Cobra by the end of the year, with the fourth volume of that series on tab before the end of the year, but needed a break and these other two projects are providing that break.

Progress was made on the next Taleweaver’s Song book, The Orc Plains, and the first short story from that family, The Gnoll Tracks.

On a personal note, I haven’t gotten much feedback on my current work, so it’s hard to tell how it’s being received so it’s great to see when people do take an interest.  My creation, Blackjack, was part of a recent make-a-figure contest by Hasbro.  He didn’t win, but it seems like some fans really liked the character.

Over on Hiss Tank, a G.I. Joe fan site, someone posted a custom (hand made creation) of Blackjack and it looks great.

It’s gratifying to see others take such an interest in something I created.

I have plans for more stories featuring Blackjack beyond his appearances in the March of Cobra, just working out how to best do those stories.  The title “The Blackjack Trilogy” is bouncing around my head.  Will have to see where it goes.

Back to writing.  I can see those deadlines creeping up.



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