The Gnoll Tracks, The Orc Plains and Game Changes

It’s time for an update on the world of The Taleweaver’s Song and the next book.

By my self-imposed (and published in The Skeleton Stone) schedule I had the next short story, The Gnoll Tracks, published already and the next novel, The Orc Plains, soon to be published.

That hasn’t happened.

The Gnoll Tracks has been tough to write.  For something that is supposed to be in the 20k-25k word range, it’s been a bear.  I’ve gotten two different versions up to around 10k-15k and neither sing to me.

Needless to say, that delay and delays on other projects, have pushed out The Orc Plains.

Which is ending up being a good thing.

It’s given me time to refine the “rules” of Merelein.  How exactly does magic work?  What are the races and their specifications?

I wanted to turn The Taleweaver’s Song into a pen & paper game setting using the d20 rules from Dungeons & Dragons/Wizards of the Coast but the more I looked at the rules the less they fit what I wanted to do with Taleweaver’s.  That led to looking around at other rule sets and I just couldn’t find one that worked how I wanted it to.

So why not make the rules?

That’s what I’m doing.  The new game rules will be a hybrid of d20 and another Open Gaming License called Open Legend RPG (which is currently on kickstarter, check it out and give it your support).  Combining the two systems will allow me to create the game world that I want.  I’m pretty excited and working on the core rulebook as we speak.  I want to get most of it nailed down, at least the lore part, so that when I jump back into The Orc Plains the actions and abilities of the characters reflect the actual rules.

This is important as I don’t want the books to contradict the game world in any meaningful way.

The plan is to have The Orc Plains out in early 2017 and than (hopefully) have The Gnoll Plains out soon after, if not before if I get inspiration on how to finish that one off.

The publishing schedule for Taleweaver’s was always meant to be The Skeleton Stone, followed by The Gnoll Tracks and The Orc Plains than another novella which like Tracks tells a story related to the next book which would follow.  This would continue for however long I feel like writing stories in this world.

I already have three novellas and five (possibly) six novels planned and sketched out.

This delay ends up only helping me in the long run. It also allows me to get some of the smaller projects off my desk.

I’ll try harder to post regularly on this page.

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