What I’m Doing..

I’ve been silent for awhile and that needs to change.  I’ve been silent but very busy.

The second Taleweaver’s Song book is being worked on.  It’s just taking a long time because other projects have popped up.  So I figured it’s time to update with what I’m working on and where I’m at.

I’ve also realized I have creator’s ADD.  I have so many ideas that start forming that it takes me away from current ones.  That’s something I need to work on.  I’ve been writing most nights and getting good production so now I need to learn (teach myself) how to focus on just one at a time.

So here’s what I have upcoming:

1. 30k word project for Pro Se Press that’s been sent off to the editor and should come out either this year or early next.  It’s part of their Legacy imprint, taking old public domain pulp characters and modernizing them into a shared universe.  I think I’ll be playing in that sandbox for awhile.

2. 10k short story for an anthology from Pro Se.  That’s been off to the editor for awhile and just waiting on word when it’ll be published.  It’s a new pulp character that I created.

Like all my projects, I don’t just create for the one story.  I spend a lot of time developing the world and introducing hooks for more stories.  This short story is like that.  There’s potential for a lot more with the character and world.

This kind of hurt me on a recent submission for an anthology from another publisher.  Too much world building and not enough action.

3. Taleweaver’s Song: There’s lots of activity on this front, so let’s break it down.

A.  The Orc Plains: about 1/3 of the way through and as I’ve written the latest chapters, the book has expanded in scope.

B. Patreon: Yes, I’ll be launching a Patreon in the coming months.  It will mostly be to help support marketing for the books, paying for art work, paying to go to conventions and so on.  It’ll be mostly TWS work but other stuff will inevitably leak over.

What will I be offering? For anyone that supports at the $1 a month level (a mere 12 bucks a year), you’ll get the monthly adventures of Tyles Hillbarrel.  This will be serial adventures, 6-12 ‘chapters’ for each adventure and between 2000 to 5000 words.  If I hit a certain (to be determined) monthly threshold, I’ll add in another short story based in the TWS world (and these will be connected to the books in some form, so you might meet a character or situation well in advance of it appearing in a novel) and will be around 2000 to 5000 words for each part of that story.  Each of those will only be three or four parts (probably 10k to 15k total words).  The Patreon site hasn’t launched yet because I’m wanting to get a good backlog of material so I can hit the monthly deadline.

I’m 3/4 of the way through the first Tyles adventure and have 2 more adventures thought out.  I’ve gotten one of the threshold stories done and started on the second.  I’d like a third done before launch.

C. The Game: not much progress here.  I’m still developing the basic rules system and fleshing out bits and parts.  A lot of the lore will show up on the Patreon site as weekly updates.

D. The in-between novellas:  Originally, between each book (which were meant to be on a 6 month release schedule, which won’t be happening) would be short stories released as ebooks that would relate to the next book.  Those are being rolled into the Patreon threshold stories.

4. G.I. Joe:  The March of Cobra is over.  One of my failings as a writer is the inability to control scope creep, meaning the story and world just keeps growing and growing.  The March just grew beyond my control and became overwhelming with all the pieces and parts.  I lost interest in it.  But fear not, I do have plans for more Joe work.

A. Portraits: I talked about this project at the 2016 Joecon Kindleworlds panel.  The first short story from it is almost done.  I’m about 3/4 of the way through and it’s at 8800 words so far.  Will probably finish around 12000.  I don’t know if this will be released under a “portraits” banner yet.

B. 2.0: Working title for my next Joe series.  Recently in a couple Facebook groups, I asked “What makes Joe”? I wanted to learn if Joe could exist without Duke, Snake Eyes, Flint, Cobra Commander, etc..  The answer was “no”.  So 2.0 will be my “scorched earth” approach to G.I. Joe.  Something recognizable but without any of the big names we’re used to.  The team we knew ended in 1992 or so and this is something new.   Not sure when the first book for that will be out.

C. The Second Cobra-La War: also teased at the 2016 panel.  Still making progress on it.  Don’t expect it anytime soon.

5. D&D 5E Modules: I have two adventure modules for the Dungeons & Dragons 5E ruleset that I’m working on.  One is done and just needs final edits, the other has just started.  This will be published on the Dungeons Master’s Guild. No real schedule on these.  Just done when they’re done.  These will be published under the Barking Fire umbrella.

6. Greenrock.  This is my new setting for the 5E ruleset.  Progress is slow and I think (hope) that I’ll do this through Kickstarter.  But again, slow progress and no real timeline.  This would be a Barking Fire project.

The Creators-ADD recently kicked in and I have two other projects that I want to start working on.

7. ADD Project #1: This one is a steampunk/pulp thing.  Not much progress made on it as it’s in the fleshing out stage.  The first book will be written and I’ll be sending this to another publisher (I have one in mind already).

8. ADD Project #2: This one was recently thought up and I’m really liking the concept so want to explore it more.  The setting is a post-apocalyptic fantasy.  I’ve recently read the first Witcher novel, The Last Wish and really liked the format.  A series of short stories (this was also the inspiration for the Tyles stories that will be on the Patreon) telling adventures of the character and fleshing out the world.  And recently my friend, and excellent author, Justin Bell started publishing a sci-fi story as a series of novellas.  I like this idea a lot and thanks to him and the Witcher, this is how ADD Concept #2 will be published.  I won’t meet Justin’s schedule of every 4-6 weeks, but we’ll see how well I do.  This would be published as ebooks on Amazon/Kindle first, under Barking Fire, and then see where it goes from there.

I’m also going to turn my twitter account into writing related. So you can follow me there for updates.

Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline.  We’ll see how well I do. I’ve found that I tend to write in small segments, 30k or so adventures, compared to larger novels.  Novellas is more my thing.  I’m also more pulpy and fantasy than action/military.  So look for all my work (except for the Taleweaver’s novels) to be in that kind of vein and format.

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