Latest Joe Work – Sightline: Just Another Mission

I just released my latest G.I. Joe novella on Amazon’s Kindleworlds and it’s one that has some special meaning for me.

A couple years ago, a good friend of mine died.  Gary ‘Goggles’ Head (or Gyre-Viper as he was known on G.I. Joe message boards) left us. Gary was an amazing friend and father.

In the 2015 retail G.I. Joe releases, Hasbro created a new character named Sightline, file name: Gary Goggles, to honor Gary and everything he had done for the G.I. Joe fan community (which was a lot).

I’ve wanted to use Sightline in my Joe work for awhile now and this was the first opportunity I’ve had.  He’ll be showing up in other work, but this story was one that stars just Sightline.

Also, half the proceeds from the sale of this one will go to Joe Declassified

group, an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of G.I. Joe.  This was a group very near and dear to Gary, and myself as well.

So go pick up Sightline: Just Another Mission and let it tide you over well I work on my forthcoming newest Joe saga.

Sightline: Just Another Mission


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