Reacher In Space

Big Jack Reacher fan (the books, not the movies.  Tom Cruise is not Reacher) and just finished the latest, The Midnight Line.  Good as usual and a source of inspiration.


Jack Reacher meets Han Solo. Reacher in space.

Basic, but it’s a beginning and I’ve gotten the foundation of the world started, fleshing it out bit by bit.

Arek Lancer is the guy’s name and his ship is the Nomadic Wind, or Nomad.  I’ve wanted to use the name, Arek Lancer, for so long and it fits sci-fi more than fantasy.  Like Reacher, he’s a vagabond who’s code of honor always gets him into messes where luckily his training can get him out of.

I don’t know how this will appear, or when, but I think it will happen.


A Tiat.

Tall, light blue skinned, cold purple eyes and white hair.  Dressed in a perfectly fitting uniform, no creases, no stains, no blemishes.  Rigid.  About a foot taller than my six feet, but thin.  But not spindly.  Still looked balanced and tough.

That’s the thing about Tiat.  They may not look like much but don’t let it fool you.  They’re tough bastards.  Bones like steel, muscles and tendons like wire.  They don’t look it, but they’re strong.  I’m not a xenobiologist, don’t know why, just know that they are.

Punching one is like hitting a wall.  Getting punched by one is like getting hit by a hammer.

Been there, done that.

Not something I wanted to do today.

Or ever again.

But it appeared there would be no avoiding it today.


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