The Orc Plains and NaNoWriMo 2017 Winning!

50,000 (+) words reached.  My first #nanowrimo is complete and I pulled out a win.

I need a deadline to write my best and #nanowrimo provided that.  I had 18,803 words written in the Orc Plains (after removing about 20k in a subplot that didn’t really work anymore, but some of that will still be salvageable) and I managed to get 50,352 words during the month of November and there’s still a couple hours left.

But I think I’ll take a break from writing tonight.

I had feared I would come close but not make it.  Some stuff conspired against me.  Traveling for work cost a day of writing, power outage was a couple days, computer updating cost some time, another power outage cost a couple hours and then the late night football games three days a week (writing during football season is tough).

The last couple days, I hit a groove.

The Taleweaver’s Song books always open up with a prologue-like scene that sets the basic plot and the first chapter is an action scene with cliffhanger set in the near future (always being two books and a couple upcoming shorts, but the future books will follow the same formula).  The end of #nanowrimo works out that the last scene takes place at the same time as the opening action scene.  I’ve caught up in the book now.

Which means I’m about 3/4 of the way through The Orc Plains.

I have the motivation to finish it.  I’ve set the goal that it needs to be done by the end of the year.  About another 20-30k in words, I’m at 70k now.  And that’s before the codex chapters get added in.

I’ve finished #nanowrimo but got a bit more to go.


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