Arek Lancer’s First Story: Kinn’s Pirates

The first book in my new sci-fi series is forthcoming but you can get a sample of what to expect now.

Kinn’s Pirates is a short story that I wrote specifically for a newsletter freebie for the New England Speculative Writers group. You can read the Arek Lancer story along with other works by local New England authors by signing up for their newsletter at the following link.

The first book in the Arek Lancer series, entitled The Last Child, will be out at the end of April (or there abouts). Sign up for my mailing list (see sidebar), which will come with it’s own Arek Lancer story (Delivery To Orso). That story is not available yet, but if you sign up now, you’ll get it when it is.

Arek Lancer is a former special forces soldier in the Earth Expeditionary Forces. For the last couple years, disillusioned with war and the life of a soldier, he’s been a freight hauler roaming the galaxy from port to port in his ship, the Nomad’s Wind. The stories will follow the adventures that Lancer always seems to find himself involved in.

Part Jack Reacher, part Malcolm Reynolds and part Han Solo but all Arek Lancer.

(sci-fi and 80s cartoon fans might find a couple homages in the story and if you’ve watched any sci-fi on Netflix, you might as well)


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