Arek Lancer is coming and a FREE BOOK!!

We’re just days away from the first Arek Lancer book, The Last Child, being published and to celebrate, we’ve got a free short story (or two) to give away.

I created a mailing list, Ossy’s News, a while ago with the intent of doing a reader magnet. You sign up for the list, you get a free short story.

That short story is now available.

Delivery To Orso is a free Arek Lancer short story. Sign up for the mailing list here and get a free copy via BookFunnel. And if you were already a part of the list (THANK YOU!!), then you received a newsletter with the link to get the free short story.

Now for the “(or two)” part. There’s another Arek Lancer short story out there in the interwebs for you to enjoy.

Join the New England Speculative Writers newsletter and you will receive a copy of Kinn’s Pirates, along with stories from a lot of other talented New England writers.

Keep an eye on here for the announcement of The Last Child being published!!


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