G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds Unfinished Concepts – My Brother’s Keeper

With the approaching end to Kindle Worlds, and the inability to continue to publish to it, I thought I’d start sharing some of the various unfinished concepts I had been working on. I’m starting with my favorite G.I. Joe family, the Stalls.

One of my favorite things to come out of Devil’s Due Publishing’s run on G.I. Joe was Barrel Roll. He was an interesting character, a fighter pilot and a sniper, and DDP gave him a Flint-like presence for awhile in the book. They also introduced his brother Black-Out, a former Joe trainee that was now working for Cobra.

It was an interesting dynamic that was never fully explored. And it got even more interesting when their sister, Alyssa/Bombstrike, was introduced (who is the only one of the three to make it to Larry Hama’s A Real American Hero run, Marvel and IDW).

The filecards for the three introduced a story element. That was the first time and only time that I can remember. Alyssa was kidnapped by Thomas (Black-Out) and Dwight (Barrel Roll) went to rescue her.

Great stuff and I’ve always wanted to tell that story.

I’m a pantser, meaning that I don’t outline my stories. I write with the flow of the words, no set goal for each chapter and scene. But with this story I did a quick outline.

I wanted each chapter told from the point of view of a different sibling. I was basically going to tell my version of the filecard storyline (and try to tie it into the March of Cobra).

For this story, I never got past the rough outline stage and there are some gaps that would have been filled in as the story developed.

My Brother’s Keeper
Part One:
Chapter One: Tom – Opens with Tom on mission as sniper. Disobeys orders, excessive force, but accomplishes mission and saves lives.
Chapter Two: Tom – Back at base, Tom is interviewed for potential top secret elite unit by Pysche-Out (name not given as Psyche-Out). “Lesser” (in Tom’s mind) candidate is interviewed. They pass in the hall. Tom: “You think you’ll get in?” “Lesser”: “May the best man win”
Chapter Three: Tom – After the interview, receives news that he didn’t get accepted. Finds out that the “lesser” got accepted. Someone makes a crack. Tom snaps and kills the “lesser”.
Chapter Four: Dwight – At Tom’s court martial
Chapter Five: Tom – On the way to prison, rescued by Cobra

Part Two:
Chapter Six: Dwight – Tells family about Tom’s disappearance. Goes back to base and thinks of career change from pilot to special operations, make up for Tom’s dereliction
Chapter Seven: Alyssa – Joins the Air Force as a TACP. Dwight is proud but not happy she’s in Spec ops
Chapter Eight: Tom – First Cobra mission, enjoys being “free” of rules and regulations, free to be himself, named Black-Out

Part Three: (two years later)
Chapter Nine: Dwight – With Alyssa in the field, testing a new radar system, Cobra attacks
Chapter Ten: Alyssa – during the Cobra attack, the AF forces are decimated, the Joes arrive as reinforcements, Alyssa sees Tom and is kidnapped as the radar system is taken
Chapter Eleven: Dwight – Sees Tom kidnap Alyssa. Confronts Tom, gets knocked unconscious. Meets the Joes. Agrees to work with them.
Chapter Twelve: Dwight – Meets with Pysche-Out, told they had an eye on him for awhile. Explains how Tom had tried out for the team but been rejected due to his pysche profile. Gets a tour of the PIT and given the code name Barrel Roll (reference to his flying as well as sniper skills)
Chapter Thirteen: Alyssa – Prisoner of Cobra. Meets with Tom.

Part Four:
The mission to rescue Alyssa and “final” confrontation between Dwight and Tom. Dwight tries to convince Tom to leave Cobra. Tom refuses.

Tom – Vows to kill Dwight
Dwight – Vows to capture Tom and bring to justice
Alyssa – Vows to kill Tom to protect Dwight from himself (knows Tom is beyond saving)

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