Stop The Price Gougers!

I’m a big fan of Michael J. Sullivan (Riyria Revelations, Legends of the First Empire), in my top five of authors, and support everything he does. As a self-published author, he’s essentially my inspiration for doing this and he’s got a new IndieGoGo up with the intention of stopping out of stock book price gougers.

When a book from a publisher goes “out of print”, some online stores buy up the stock and raise the prices so that those that get into the series later have to pay an arm and a leg. None of that extra profit goes to the author. Sullivan has recently left traditional publishing behind (he started out indie and has been hybrid for awhile) and one of the things he is looking to do is buy the hardcover back stock of the out of print Age of Swords from the publisher. This will prevent the price gougers from getting a hold of it and he can turn around and sell it himself and get the full profit.

I backed this project and if you’re a fan of his, or fantasy, you should to.

Read the IndieGoGo and see if it’s something you want to support.

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