Armageddon Theft – Now On Sale!

The second Arek Lancer novella is now available for purchase.

Armageddon Theft is up on Amazon for $2.99 or part of Kindle Unlimited. GO GET IT!!

The planet Storw has only days before a rogue asteroid impacts and destroys it. A cracked moon and planetwide storms have stopped the mass evacuations and in desperation they send out messages asking for help from anyone willing. Freight hauler Arek Lancer responds. His ship, the Nomad’s Wind, can’t carry many but every Storwo saved matters.

Arek and his ship need a payday and helping out the Storwo, there won’t be one. But sometimes you have to do the right thing.

He soon wishes he had ignored the distress call.

Among the refugees is a stowaway, a thief that has stolen a Storwo artifact to sell on the black market. It’s not Lancers problem until the thief makes it his.

Will trying to save lives end up costing Lancer his?


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