Meeting An Influence

One of the biggest influences on my writing was in town today and couldn’t pass up the chance to meet him if even for a couple seconds.

R.A. Salvatore was in Concord New Hampshire promoting his latest book, Timeless, and the only signing he’s doing for it was at the local bookstore, Gibsons. I guess it’s a rare thing nowadays for a publisher to send an author out on book signings to bookstores, they just do conventions now.

I like the book signing because got to hear Salvatore talk for an hour about the book and other aspects of writing. It was great to hear.

The Crystal Shard and the Forgotten Realms were the largest influences on the type of stories I wanted to write and the world I wanted to create with my fantasy series. I’ve said before that I want to write more about the adventures that happen and less about the epic world shattering events. The Realms supplied that.

Didn’t really get to “meet” Salvatore, as the line at the signing was long, but it was still great to just mention how much he was an influence. Maybe someday I’ll have the chance to sit and really talk.


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