Setting Up the Patreon

My Patreon site is ready to launch and figured I’d talk a little about it.

I looked at a couple author’s Patreons in researching what I wanted to do with mine and how I wanted to set up the patron tiers.

The idea of Patreon is that you, the patron, pay a monthly payment and in return get a reward. You are paying to support whatever project the creator has going: writing, art, webcomics, music, etc.. There are various tiers and the higher the tier the more you get. The creator has monthly goals they would like to meet and when that goal is met, there is another reward or something special happens for the creator.

I’m a fan of crowdsourcing. It seems that I’m always supporting at least one kickstarter. I can’t think of a time recently that I didn’t have one currently backing I really like Patreon and support about a dozen different ones currently.

For me it’s a good way to accomplish two things: 1- get some support for the writing to help with marketing, editing and the bigger expense items and 2 – get some more stories out there.

I have so many ideas and stories that I want to tell. Some just don’t work in book form and well I had ideas of anthologies and such, releasing as serials on Patreon is a good way to go about it.

What I went back and forth on were the reward tiers. What I would offer was always the same, a story told in parts. Each part released on the Patreon page. The question was how monetary value to set the tiers and how many tiers. That’s when I started looking at other author’s sites and really didn’t like what I saw.

There seems to be a lack in value. The content they were offering didn’t seem worth the backing. It wasn’t original or they were asking too much for what they were offering. $1 a month is $12 at the year. If the Patreon is releasing a chapter a month of the upcoming book, then I’l have paid 12 bucks for something that could be cheaper at retail.

That doesn’t seem right.

And I saw pages asking for 2 or 3 dollars a month for some original content that wasn’t story related.

That’s not what I want to do. I want my patrons to feel like they are getting something for their support. I want to offer original content and at a price that makes sense with what is offered at retail, or close to it. The lowest can ask for on Patreon is $1 a month or post. With that in mind I worked out what I wanted to do.

$1 a month gets you, the patron, two chapters (or parts) of an original story each month. These parts will be between 2,000 and 5,000 words. 4,000 to 10,000 a month. 48,000 to 120,000 a year.

When a goal of $200 a month is hit, I’ll add another story. Just one part. At $300 a month, there will be another chapter of that second story added.

The stories will be original, exclusive to Patreon. Eventually, some might be collected, but for a long time the Patreon site will be the only place to get them. And some will be important. For example, there are about seven short stories planned that take place in The Taleweaver’s Song world. These will help expand the world and build off events mentioned in the books or all knew characters that could appear later in the published books. There is one for Arek Lancer planned as well that expands on a character in the books.

There will be some one-off stories. Shorts that are an original idea that isn’t a series. Or there could be new series premiered in the Patreon.

The $2 level is the “behind the scenes”. My intent with Taleweaver’s was to always build a pen and paper RPG game setting around it. These tier will be where that happens. Patrons will get to see the world building as it happens. This could be some surprises about the world that haven’t appeared in the books yet or aren’t planned any time soon. At two books maximum a year, it will take awhile to get all the TWS secrets out there.

And there’s a one-time $50 level that allows you to name a character that will appear in a book from the world of your choice.

Sound good? I hope so. I really want this to take off. I have a nice back log of stories ready to go and others that I want to tell. This is the best way to get them out there.

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