RIP Stan Lee

It’s been a couple days since the passing of the legend. Took a couple days to organize my thoughts.

Stan Lee was a huge influence on my childhood and even into my adulthood. The odd thing is that I never really read much of his actual work. I know that sounds strange. I’ve read a couple issues of the older Marvel comics here and there throughout my life but really not that much. My first real exposure to Stan as a writer was Ravage 2099 and then DC’s Just Imagine series.

So how was he such a big influence? It’s because of what he created. The X-Men, Avengers, Hawkeye, Fantastic Four and so many others. Comics were a big part of my childhood and helped fuel my creative side. I read them all and it’s always been a dream to write the Avengers or Captain America or my personal favorite, Hawkeye. Without Stan Lee, none of them would exist and I would never have read the comics. Who knows where I would be or who I would be.

Would comics exist? Sure. But they may not have been characters that captured my imagination, that drew me in and made me a lifelong reader. They may not have been the stories that helped develop my creative side.

Stan Lee did this for so many people. Even though I really didn’t read his actual work, his creations fueled so much of my life.

And now, as an adult, Stan Lee is more of an inspiration for me.

He didn’t create his most famous creations, the majority of his work, until he was in his forties. I’m in my forties now and just starting my journey. Stan created so much in his 40s, so much that is iconic and still huge today. What an inspiration that is for me as I start my creations now. If Stan could do it, so can I.

And then there’s this:


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