Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. – The Orc and The Fairy

This was the first piece of H.A.C.K.S. I had written and it was just over 5 years ago (March 5, 2014) that I wrote it. In fact, this is one of the earliest bits of writing I’d done.

I had no idea about the character and was just going off one concept art image. I just loved the idea of the magic-using orc with a caged fairy. But for some reason, I thought the orc would be nice.

The Orc and the Fairy

The tapping echoed in the dark, the sound of claw on metal.

“Light,” he said in a growl, peering between the bars of the cage. “Lights now.”

He gave the cage a shake and a stirring could be heard inside. A thin light started to grow, not bright but enough to make shapes out of the shadows. The cage was in the shape of a lantern, but bars and a floor, with no glass. The lantern hung from the top of a staff. The staff was held by an orc, long fangs and dark coal black eyes staring at the small creature within the cage.

The creature stood up, stretching and spreading its wings. With the wings opened, the small light grew a tad brighter. It was a rainbow of lights, flickering motes and many colors. The wings were shaped like a butterfly but the creature looked like a small elf.

“Needs lights,” the orc grunted.

“No,” the little fairy said defiantely, glaring into the face of the orc as it peered. Her voice was musical, like little bells. She turned her back on the orc, staring into the blackness around them.

“Lights,” he said again reaching into the cage with a long fingernail. The tip of the nail was sharp and dirty.

“Lights,” he grunted as he touched the fairy with the side of the nail, careful not to poke her small body. “Please littles one.”

“Let me go,” she said turning to face him, pushing his finger away.

“Knows I can’ts,” the orc said with a touch of sadness in his growl. “Don’ts ask.”

The fairy looked at the orc, whose face was so close to her cage that it filled her vision. She saw sadness and compassion in the dark eyes.

“I hate you,” the fairy said but without venom or anger.

“I knows,” was the reply, a slight smile playing across the orc’s face as he held the staff out, the lantern swinging on its end. His free hand came up and scratched at his closely shaved head, a habit from the days when he had had a long mane of hair, the mark of a warrior, before it had been removed.

The fairy held the bars as the cage swung, waiting for it to settle. She started humming to herself, the sound becoming louder. There were no words, her humming becoming music. A light formed around her, growing brighter and brighter, spreading out and lighting up a hole in the darkness around them.

The orc pulled at his beard as he looked around at his surroundings. They were at the end of a long tunnel, the way closed behind them, extending further then the fairy’s light could shine. It was a roughly formed tunnel but here and there along the way were carvings. He turned to the one nearest him, holding the lantern close but far enough away that the fairy could see.

The carvings were runes around a worn picture, time having faded it. What could be seen seemed to depict a great battle. The orc did not know what the runes meant.

“Whats is it,” he asked the fairy.

“Dwarf probably,” she replied.

The orc spit on the ground moving away from the carving and looking down the long, dark hall.

“Hates dwarves,” he muttered.

“They aren’t fond of you either,” the little fairy said with a laugh, flapping her wings to float in the middle of the lantern.

“Nows, let’s find the others,” the orc said walking down the hallway.

“I hope they’re all right.”

“Me too littles one.”

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