Multiple Lancer Releases

It’s been a busy couple weeks here. I’m gearing up for an appearance at a local library at the end of April and needed to generate some books to sell and with the release of Asteroid Return it was time to pull together the first Lancer collection. And along the way I decided to put The Last Child in print.

The Collected Lancer Volume 1

Arek Lancer, former Earth Expeditionary Forces Special Operations Soldier, and current galactic freight hauler just wants to stay out of trouble. He saw plenty of it during his time as a soldier and now just wants to wander the galaxy delivering cargo in his ship, the Nomad’s Wind.But trouble has a habit of finding him. This volume collects Lancer’s first three novellas and three short stories, two only available for signing up to mailing lists and the third never before published.

This collection includes: Delivery to Orso, Kinn’s Pirates, Europan Switch, The Last Child, Armageddon Theft and Asteroid Return. Europan Switch is not available anywhere else. Kinn’s Pirates is available for signing up to the New England Speculative Writers mailing list.

400 pages of Arek Lancer action.

It’s available as an ebook for purchase and as part of Kindle Unlimited, and you can buy it in print.

The Last Child

Now available in print.

I had no intention of ever putting any Lancer novellas into print except as the collected editions but as I was pulling together The Collected Lancer and Delivery in print, the idea of having the first novella available for shows struck me. So why not? If there is demand for the others, I’ll put those in print as well.

Delivery To Orso

Always meant as a free giveaway to get people interested in the series as well as sign up for my mailing list (see the upper right corner of the site), I had the idea of creating some print copies to give out at appearances. In doing so, I needed to publish it on Amazon so it is available for purchase in print.

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