WIP Wednesday (04/17/19)

It’s time for another work in progress Wednesday. Lots of balls in the air, lots of things in motion.

I like using acronyms or codenames for each project. Some are things I’m not ready to announce, others don’t have titles. With lots of series, the coding makes it easier to keep track of them all. Some projects I have no idea when they’ll be published but they are things I’m actively working on. I have a lot of unfinished projects but won’t get into those.

TWS (The Taleweaver’s Song)
TWS Book Two: The Ork Plains is almost done. I’m at the 95% mark. This book has been a long time coming. The cover is done and the goal is to have this published by mid to end of May. Sooner if I can pull it off. I want (need) this book out there. It sets up a lot of the world building of Merelein, what makes it different from other settings, as well as just having been a bear of a book to write. I need it out so I can move on to the next TWS projects.

TWS Book Three (TTTJ): With Book Two wrapping up, work will start on book three. There’s already about 5k words and I have some plot refreshing to do. No way will it be as long a gap between books as it was from One (The Skeleton Stone) to Two. I have a working title for this one and will probably stick with it.

TWS Short One (MT): This short takes place before Book Three and will appear on Patreon most likely. I’m plugging away at this in bits and pieces but will devote more time to it as Book Three develops.

AL (Arek Lancer)
AL Book Four (MSD): Moving along nicely. I had started a flashback scene but will take that out and turn it into it’s own short story. I hope to have this done by end of May/Early June.

AL Short One (RN): Plugging away. The first non-Lancer story set in that universe. It’ll show up on the Patreon page. No firm timetable for this one. There’s already two completed TWS shorts for Patreon and the MT one to put up on the site before RN is needed.

AL Short Two: No title set yet. This is the flashback tale that came out of Book Four. Will work on this alongside Book Four (MSD).

This project is one that hasn’t been announced yet, which is why it’s still under code. Lots of movement on it though.

SRO Book One (GH): This one has been edited and is in production. Don’t really want to say too much yet, but it’s getting closer everyday and will be my biggest launch yet. Very excited about it.

SRO Book Two (SP): Moving forward quickly on this one. About 25% done with the story. Now that One (GH) is in production, I can devote most of the time to this one.

SRO Short One (TFD): Have an idea where this will be published but can’t say or do much until Book One (GH) is out.

SRO Short Two (GHT): Just finished this one up the other night. No clue where it will end up being pubished but it was a story that needed to be told. That will make sense after Book Two comes out.

Short Stories
PSP Short One: I’m behind on this one. A 10k+/- short for a publisher. I have a lot of work lined up with this publisher, all of it except this one short in their pipeline, but can’t talk about any yet.

There’s lots of other things that I’m working on and developing but the above is just the most active stuff. A big project is kind of on hold, my part finished, well waiting for the developer to move forward.

So that’s my current WIP. Lots to do, not enough time.

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