WiP Wednesday (05/22/19)

Time for another work in progress update. I’m changing up how I’m presenting these.

I’m going to use this to track my progress on the various “open” works I have. You’ll be able to see what is getting close to completion, what new things get added and so on. No titles, just codes.

N = Novel, NL = Novella, SS = Short Story

I need to close out some of these before starting a new project.

And boy do I have a new project in the planning stages.

I also can’t wait to talk about codename: SRO.

Got a look at the sketch layout for the cover and it’s looking good.

Also, for the record (and something I’ll add to the next version of this):
TWS = fantasy
AL = Sci-Fi
SRO = (it’s a secret)
EX = super hero

From the standalone:
SD = sci-fi
WTF = fantasy
DR = post-apoc fantasy
TCR = sci-fi military
PR = pulp fantasy
DP = pulp horror

I’m all over the place genre-wise. I also have ideas for steampunk, post-apocalytpic and urban/paranormal fantasy. Those will happen someday just gotta find space in the schedule.

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