WiP Wednesday (a day late) and Patreon.

It’s thursday and time for a little work in progress update. Also I made some changes to my Patreon.


You can see where I made some progress. Concentrating on the standalone SD, SRO-N2, Pub1 – PR and the TWS-SS5 and SS6.  SS6 also bumped up in estimated total word count. Might push it into novella territory but I’m not changing the coding. I just might do all short stories and novellas in one code to make it easier on me.

Also added TWS-SS7. I wasn’t going to add new projects until some were off the list but this one is being written for a specific location. May not happen but I’m going to try to get it into this anthology. None of the current things would work for that anthology and it’s too good an opportunity to pass up so added another story to the work load.

As anyone figured out all the codes yet? The first two are easy. TWS = Taleweaver’s Song and AL = Arek Lancer. I’ll get to reveal SRO in a couple months. The others will have to wait.

Now on to the Patreon.

I recently redid my tiers. In looking at what other authors were doing, I realized I wasn’t offering what the readers seem to want.  Personally, I didn’t find the value in supporting a Patreon for work-in-progress chapters. I support the author by buying their work, I didn’t want to “pay” for it twice. I’ve always wanted to give good value for anyone that wants to support me. This meant, for me, giving original content that was equal to what could get from Amazon or other places.

I changed up the thinking. I’m still offering original content but it’ll be at the $2 tier and will be offering work-in-progress chapters at the $1 tier. I’m now trying to decide what should be the work-in-progress. It would be something that I would plan to self-publish as putting it on Patreon counts as “published” and most publishers wouldn’t look at it after that.

Might be something created specifically to post on Patreon.

We shall see.



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