July 24th WiP Wednesday and Future Goals

That time of week again. Time to update the progress on my various works. Somehow, as much as I tried not to, new projects appeared. I’ve also nailed down my future writing goals, what I want to accomplish for 2020 and 2021 as well as beyond.


Slowly making progress on the various works. I really need to get some of these done and out of the way. As can see, SRO-N2 is done and in editing, which means that SS3 and N3 were added. I plan on doing a short story between each book so that’s why SS3 was added to the work. Look for a big announcement on what SRO is next week.

GS is brand new and was an idea that I wanted to start getting out. Most likely there will be another joining the list. This is why I developed some goals for the upcoming years that I want to hit.

What does this all mean? By 2021 I want to have something released by me every month. This would be novels, novellas, short stories, anything and coming out from Barking Fire or other publishers. It would not include the original and exclusive Patreon works.

That’s a lot of writing. 2020, I want to start ramping up and go to having something released every other month. I’m a realist so I can see this taking to 2022. Every three months in 2020, every other in 2021, every month in 2022. But I’m going to push for the 2020 every other month release schedule.

I currently try to hit a minimum of 1500 words a day. The 30 day months has it at 45,000 words a month. The 31 day months has it at 46,500 words a month. To give myself some wiggle room, I totaled my year based off 12 30 day months, so 45,000 x 12 = 540,000 words a year. Reality (28 day, 30 day and 31 day months, excluding leap year) would be 547,500 so not that much of a difference. I’ll stick with the 540,000.

Now let’s see if this pace will work to produce what I want to produce.

Average Taleweaver’s Song novel (TWS) is 85k, so two months of writing. Average Arek Lancer’s (AL) is 35k, so under one month. SRO (which I can announce soon) is clocking in around 115k, so 2.5 months.

Those are the three things I’m committed to doing on a regular schedule. One TWS novel a year, two AL a year and two SRO a year. That’s 385,000 words a year and five months of releases which takes me 6.5 months to write.

5 months of releases for 6.5 months of writing, maybe 6 since the AL aren’t a full month.

155,000 words left for the year, 7 months left to release in.

Basically for this to work, I need to up my daily word count.

2000 words a month comes out to be 720,000 words a year. That’s 335,000 words left after the above committements. So 47k words a month. Still not enough to generate a novel for each of those 7 months. I could add in another novella series but I have plans for more novel length series.

I might have to “end” a series before starting another. Nothing wrong with that but not what I want. I know I’m going to have to at some point, just to do all that I want to do. I want to add in a 4th series to TWS, AL and SRO, not remain at the three.

What all this amounts to is that I don’t think I can hit the every month release. Every other is covered, easily. But could I hit eight months or nine months of releases? That could be doable. This would include novels, novellas and short stories.

Nine months of releases seems a more reasonable goal. So for 2020, every other month. For 2021, nine of the twelve will have a release. And I can work on a backlog of material so that in 2022 it might be every month.

Let’s see what happens.

Now to just decide what will be the fourth series.

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