Taleweaver’s On Hiatus

It’s a sad but ultimately (longterm) good news as I’m putting Taleweaver’s Song on hiatus.


I had big plans for TWS (Taleweaver’s Song). A series of somewhat connected but stand alone novels that took place in the world of Merelein, novellas in between each novel. This would would become a pen and paper roleplaying game setting.

The Skeleton Stone was published in 2016 and it took me a long time to write The Ork Plains. And the story just never worked. I finally published it but it was not a product I was that proud or happy with. Other plans for TWS had changed. The novellas had been shifted to the Patreon page.

And then Sky Realms Online happened.

To say SRO outperforms TWS is an understatement. Even if I ran ads on TWS, it wouldn’t approach SRO. And to maintain the pace I want with SRO, and reach the epic heights with that series that I want, something had to give.

That something is TWS.

For now.

I’m going to unpublish both novels. The two current TWS novellas that I have done, The Shaman’s Skull and The Marsh Tower, will still be released on Patreon but as standalone short story/novellas. I still love the world of Merelein and the stories that were going to happen but I got lost along the way and the foundation of the world just started shifting and sliding, not fitting how I wanted it to. There needs to be some reconstruction done. Most likely when I do relaunch TWS someday, there will be a couple additions built onto the structure.

The Skeleton Stone is going to be reworked to be completely standalone. I still love this story and am very happy with it. It deserves to be out there for people to see. I’m going to expand it, add some scenes, revise some scenes and make it bigger and better.

Shooting for mid-2020 for that re-release.

In the meantime, Sky Realms Online will be going ahead. Book 2 is out next week and Book 3 should be out early 2020. With Book 4 to follow later in 2020. I’ve already started the first spin-off.

Arek Lancer will continue and there might be another novella (fantasy) that fits into the rotation.

Like I said above, this will help me as I move forward. I won’t be spread so thin and can concentrate on keeping things simpler.

Thanks to all those that read and enjoyed TWS.

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