2019 In Review, Looking Ahead to 2020

Let’s take a look back at 2019 and get an idea of what 2020 should bring.


We’ll start off with what I accomplished this year. Which was quite a lot in the grand scheme of my developing author career.

My writing goal was 1,500 words a day for a total of 547,500 total for the year. As of this writing, I am at 553,282 with more days to come. That includes a total of 10 days with 0 writing. To get an estimate of where I’ll end up with 20 days left to go in December, I’ll add in 4 more days of 0 writing (I’ll be on vacation without a computer to write with, and New Year’s Eve). So 16 days of writing at 1,500 a day comes out to be 24,000 more words. A total of 577,282 words for the year.

Almost a month (I use 45,000 words a month for my minimum monthly goal) of extra writing. As of today, I’m at a 1,608 word a day average.

I can say I’m pretty happy with that production. Is it enough? Nope.

What if I pushed it to 1,750 words a day for 2020? That would be a total of 638,750 words for the year. I think that’s a good goal to reach for.

Push it to 2,000 for 2021. A total of 730,000.

If remember awhile ago, I set goals of having something published by me come out every month for 2021 but realistically around 2022. That goal is still attainable. I now know what I have to do to reach that.

This was a big year for me. I launched my epic litRPG saga Sky Realms Online with Aethon Books and it’s been great. Two books (third off to the editor) at the end of July and October. They’ve been doing great. Each hit #1 Bestseller in an Amazon category with the first hitting #1 in two.

I’ll have a short story in a litRPG related anthology out this month (announcement coming soon) and I’ve started on the first Sky Realms Online spin-off.

For the amount of words I’ve written, what was published seems low, but there are reasons for that. I worked on a lot of projects through the year, trying to find my groove and what could be developed. This will end up helping me with 2020.

Working with Aethon allowed me to put both SRO books into Audio and that has been amazing. It’s surreal hearing my words read by someone. I’ve been extremely happy with the reception SRO has gotten. Because of that, in 2019 and beyond, SRO gets the most attention. The books are big (for me) and take up a lot of time. And there is a lot more to come.

What’s next for Hall and the rest of the gang? Book 3, Axestorm, is off at the editors and I figure it’ll be March 2020 when it comes out. The cover is done and it’s awesome. I’m hard at work on Book 4, working title: Greenfire. I’m about 1/3 through the spin-off. Rockfell is the series name, no working title for book 1 yet.

For 2020, Axestorm will be out early, I hope Greenfire will be around June/July (a year after Grayhold, it would be fitting if each ‘trilogy’ came out around the same time. Book 5 would be Octoberish with book 6 early 2021.

That’s 3 Sky Realms Online books in 2020.

Arek Lancer took a bit of a back seat but he’ll come back early in 2020. I’m about half-way through the 4th novella. I hope to have two adventures done in 2020 with a third in early 2021 and then release another collected edition. Arek’s adventures will probably end up around 9 or 12 novellas and associated short stories.

Two Arek Lancer adventures in 2020.

I’ll be launching a fantasy novella series soon. Early to mid 2020 I would think. More details as the series develops. But I plan (hope) to have 2 of those adventures out in the year.

Two REDACTED adventures in 2020.

I’ve been working on a standalone sci-fi novel and hope to have that out in 2020. The code for this book is SFD. It’ll be around 80k words in length.

One stand-alone sci-fi novel in 2020.

Eight projected releases in 2020.

That doesn’t include the monthly/somewhat monthly releases on Patreon. I have a large backlog of short stories for the Patreon page, so that won’t involve new writing (beyond SRO: Rockfell) for a long time.

But where is The Taleweaver’s Song? Sadly, I unpublished those two books. The series just wasn’t going where I wanted it to. Sales and story. So I’m going to revamp it, starting with making the Skeleton Stone more standalone and bigger. The two novellas that are going to appear on Patreon will remain as-is. If they ever see publication outside of Patreon, they’ll be edited to be stand-alone.

I’m hoping that The Skeleton Stone Revised sneaks out in 2020 at some point.

All this means I’m going to be busy.


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