I’ve written and published short stories in a variety of anthologies. Some were for charities. Not all anthologies are still published. Click on the picture to go to the Amazon sell page. More information on each is available below.

Dive into worlds of wonder, action, adventure, and so much more. This collaboration includes short LitRPG stories of all types.


LitRPG Anthology for the Wounded Warrior Project. This collection of 12 short LitRPG / Gamelit / Wuxia stories came about as a labor of love and a desire to give back to those who serve and protect us all in the armed forces. Each of these stories is an original crafted by some of the best authors in the LitRPG / Gamelit community in response to the prompt “Stories of Sacrifice”. We all wanted to pay homage to those who’ve sacrificed for all of us.

Guarding the Pass – Krim is a player. That means he’s special. NPCs are just lines of computer data, capable of only doing what they are coded to do. Or are they? What is Real, Anyway?


Together we stand stronger.Join an international group of authors working together to raise awareness and donations for WIRES, an Australian organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife. Our effort has led us to create this anthology of short GameLit stories. From LitRPG, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and everything in between we hope the tales we’ve collected will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, just like the feeling you’ll get from supporting this amazing project. All profits from this anthology will be donated to WIRES.


Volume 2 is new LitRPG, Sci-fi, and Fantasy stories from many established and emerging authors. More hope, more rescue, more gaming. It is our hope that these stories both inspire you and help make a difference. Here you are the hero. All profits from this anthology go to support WIRES, whose mission is the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife. Together we stand and rise. Together we protect and recover.


Have you ever felt like you had to be silent? Like you were made to feel small? Ever feel like the world was never going to hear you sing again? Well, so have our heroes! From superheroes and gamers, to priestesses, and wizards these stories are about heroes who felt their voices were forever silent only to wake up and find that their voices held a power no one could stop. From peaceful realizations and truths about the world, to crime fighting caped crusaders with a vendetta against an oppressive government agency these 9 stories from some of the best indie genre authors span genre fiction. Fantasy, superheroes, science fiction, and more all filled with humor, action, and drama. The My Voice Has Power Charity Anthology holds something for everyone.