Arek Lancer

A former Special Operations soldier in the Earth Expeditionary Forces, Arek Lancer just wants to roam the galaxy working as an independent light freight hauler. Just him and his ship, the Nomad’s Wind, a Castellan Model F497 Light Freighter.

But for Arek, trouble seems to find him, no matter how hard he tries to avoid it.

“Jack Reacher in space with a dash of Malcolm Reynolds tossed in.”

The story of Arek Lancer’s adventures are told in a series of novellas and short stories, mostly ebooks with some print. These are collected into collected editions, print and ebook.

Arek Lancer series novellas can be seen here. The collected editions are here.

Overall Series Reading Order
Delivery To Orso
Kinn’s Pirates
Europan Theft
The Last Child
Armageddon Theft
Asteroid Return