Arek Lancer Collected

Arek Lancer’s novellas and short stories are gathered into collected editions.

The Collected Lancer Vol. 1
Published on March 25, 2019
Kindle eBook, Kindle Unlimited and Print

Arek Lancer, former Earth Expeditionary Forces Special Operations Soldier, and current galactic freight hauler just wants to stay out of trouble. He saw plenty of it during his time as a soldier and now just wants to wander the galaxy delivering cargo in his ship, the Nomad’s Wind.But trouble has a habit of finding him. This volume collects Lancer’s first three novellas (The Last Child, Armageddon Theft, Asteroid Return) and three short stories, two only available for signing up to mailing lists (Delivery to Orso and Kinn’s Pirates) and the third never before published (Europan Theft).