Barking Fire Publishing

Founded in 2016, Barking Fire Publishing is home to stories in all genres.

This is the imprint under which I self-publish.  The name comes from two of my favorite things: dogs and bonfires.

Barking Fire currently publishes:

Arek Lancer – a series of novella length sci-fi/space opera adventures featuring Arek Lancer, a former Earth Expeditionary Special Forces soldier as he roams the galaxy as a light freight hauler.

“Jack Reacher in space with a dash of Malcolm Reynolds tossed in.”

The Taleweaver’s Song – a series of novel length fantasy sword and sorcery adventures taking place on the continent of Atair on the world of Merelein.

In a world of magic and dragons, not every battle is one for the ages, not every quest has the fate of the world riding on it and even though everyone has a destiny it might not be to save the world or save the kingdom.