The Taleweaver’s Song Novels


The Skeleton Stone
Published: April 19, 2016
Kindle eBook, Kindle Unlimited and Print

Nestled in the mountains, Minoda was a small and peaceful mining village filled with industrious and hardworking people.

Until the skeletons came.

Overrun with the magical undead, can even the help of the wandering Far Rider, Culann Hawkfall, save the village?

Or will the mystery of The Skeleton Stone doom the village forever?


The Ork Plains

Published: June 9, 2019

Kindle eBook, Kindle Unlimited and Print


In the Northerlands of Atair are the seemingly endless wind swept, wild and untamed tundras and mountains. The Jangor Plains are home to clans of tribesmen and monstrous creatures including Trow, Centaurs and Giants. Across the Raging Frost Flow is the region called the Ork Plains where there is no hint of civilization, the domain of warring clans of Orks. A wild and dangerous land where few dare to tread and even fewer survive.

To these lands will come a bard, a ranger and a merchant looking to forge a new trade road across the lands of the Jangori. Across the river an Ork Warchief will rise, called by his God, to unite the warring clans into a force that will threaten the Northerlands and beyond. Following the raiding Orks, a Jangori warrior, son of the chieftain, will be forced to confront the longstanding traditions of his people and what they mean for his future.

Together they will make a discovery that could rewrite the history of the world. A forgotten God of a forgotten people will rise at the hands of the Warchief and they will try to stop him. Or die in the cold and unforgiving Ork Plains.