TWS – The Game

Taleweaver’s Song is a new pen and paper role playing game campaign setting.

Song takes place on the world of Merelein, primarily the continent of Atair.  It is similar to many other fantasy worlds with some notable differences.  The setting is also home to a series of books written by Troy Osgood and published by Barking Fire Publishing.

As the books go on, the game setting will be developed.  The RPG will use a new ruleset created for this setting that is based on a combination of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Open Gaming License and Open Legends RPG.

Creating a new set of game mechanics will help the system fit into the more unique aspects of the Taleweaver’s Song.

The goal is to eventually collect all this into a single game manual and develop game modules for use.  This will be a fully functional gaming world that others can use and enjoy.