Introduction To The World

Welcome to the continent of Atair on the world of Merelein.

It’s a wild and relatively untamed land looking for explorers and adventurers to seek out the mysteries the world has to offer, as well as the riches of the past.  An old land; of Elvict, Dvorkan, Orcs and the many races of Beastmen; in which the Humans and Puka are the newcomers, or the invaders as the older races think.

The older races are fading and it’s time for the younger races to make their mark.

Will you be a warrior or mage, a ranger or bard?  Will you join one of the many Guilds? Will you become a Warder of the Ways, protecting the travelers along the roads between the Waystations, a Far Rider working for the the GriffinStone Library and exploring lost ruins and acquiring magic for study or even a Librarian, combing the depths of ancient ruins for their secrets?  Are you a tribesman, living life on the open plains or on the frozen tundra?  Will you be a mage, using the magic of runes to great effect to save lives or take them?

Will you be one of the long-lived Elvict?  A wild Kel’Pict or more cultured Tel’Nict?

Will you be one of the mountain dwelling race known as the Dvorkan, as ageless as the stones themselves?

Or will you be one of the younger races, the newcomers?  A Human, adaptible to anything?  A diminutive Puka, charismatic and sneaky?

Your fate is yours to decide as you build a life in the wilds of Atair.