The Skeleton Stone Is Now Available At Indie Bookstores

The first two independent bookstores to carry The Skeleton Stone are in Concord and Exeter, NH Continue reading


The Skeleton Stone – On Sale Now!

The day is finally here.  The Taleweaver’s Song family of book has started.  The Skeleton Stone is now available!  If you’re looking for fantasy adventure, look no further. Continue reading

The Skeleton Stone and Making Maps

My first book in the Taleweaver’s Song series, The Skeleton Stone, is at the editors.  Well its there, still plenty to do and one of those things is to create the maps.  I originally sketched out the various areas of Atair, the continent where most of the action will take place, and am now in the process of cleaning it up and making it presentable for the books.  For a sneak peek at the start of the maps, you can visit the Barking Fire Publishing website.