Along with the various novels/novellas and short stories I also wander into the realm of gaming supplements.

All products are published under Barking Fire Publishing and are available on the Dungeon Masters Guild for Dungeons and Dragons 5E specific things and Drive-Thru RPG for everything else.

Revised Ranger

This revised, or ultimate, Ranger has it’s base in the Unearthed Arcana Ranger published on 01/16/2017. This is the author’s adjustments to make the class into more of what he envisions the class should be but staying within the framework established by the 5E rules and published material and staying balanced with the rest of the classes.

Major changes include making Hunter’s Mark a Class Feature, adding an animal companion for all Rangers, creating the Natural Healer and Nature’s Training features, revising Favored Enemy and giving Rangers cantrips. The spells available to the Ranger, as well as the number known and slots have been adjusted. Additionally the Rangers hit die have been lowered.

This Ranger has four Conclaves; Beastmaster, Hunter, Horizon Walker and Stalker with the Stalker Conclave allowing for environmental variations.