Taleweaver’s On Hiatus

It’s a sad but ultimately (longterm) good news as I’m putting Taleweaver’s Song on hiatus. Continue reading

Sky Realms Online Book Two Coming Soon

Grayhold, the first book in my new Sky Realms Online series, is doing very well and people have been asking when the second book will be coming. Well I have an update. Continue reading

Multiple Lancer Releases

It’s been a busy couple weeks here. I’m gearing up for an appearance at a local library at the end of April and needed to generate some books to sell and with the release of Asteroid Return it was time to pull together the first Lancer collection. And along the way I decided to put The Last Child in print. Continue reading

The Skeleton Stone – On Sale Now!

The day is finally here.  The Taleweaver’s Song family of book has started.  The Skeleton Stone is now available!  If you’re looking for fantasy adventure, look no further. Continue reading