Sky Realms Online Book Two Coming Soon

Grayhold, the first book in my new Sky Realms Online series, is doing very well and people have been asking when the second book will be coming. Well I have an update.


That’s the target month. Exact date to be determined.

So where do we stand in production? Final edits on book two have been done and it’s off to the narrator. I’ve seen the first pass at the cover and it’s going to be beautiful.

This one will feature Hall and Sabine and the artist nailed Sabine perfectly.

I’m excited about the 2nd book and I’m hard at work on the 3rd, about 1/3 of the way through it. I love where the story is going and starting to lay seeds for the entire series as well as future books. Look for a Sky Realms Online related announcement concerning my Patreon page soon. I have big plans for this series and the world of Hankarth.

But it all comes down to you, the readers. Please buy the books, leave reviews and most importantly enjoy them.

That’s what the series is here for. Your enjoyment.


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